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Adonis Luxury Resort
Open to the upper-class citizens of Rapture, the Adonis Luxury Resort is a spa and pool area adjacent to Olympus Heights, built for those who can enjoy plasmid treatments and ADAM-based rejuvenation therapy. The Rapture Metro station from which the Resort can be accessed opens into a foyer hosting a Kure-All and a Thrifty Care for all medical needs. The Resort's central lobby is a grand foyer, which contains both a Cocktail Lounge and a luxurious two-tiered restaurant known as Demeter’s Banquet Hall. A number of services can be accessed beyond, from mud baths to games of tennis to tanning salons. Customers can even access a Vita-Chamber for restorative therapy. The Adonis Baths, Plasmid Therapy, and Vita Chamber wings are all joined by a resplendent courtyard, complete with a pool lined with some of the few plants in the city.

Apollo Square
While it serves as a central hub for many of Rapture’s transportation routes, the Square connects to many key housing units for the lower- or working-class and serves as the de facto center of the city. A tram tunnel and bulkhead links it to Olympus Heights, while another tram tunnel leads to the Artemis Suites: a massive apartment complex for Rapture's working class, within which Dr. Suchong has been rumored to host a free clinic on the second floor. At the southern end of the Square, the repurposed Hestia Chambers are now known as Fontaine's Home for the Poor, one of the few rent-free living spaces available for anyone down on their luck, with a Little Sister Orphanage not far away. The Rapture Metro station can be found beneath the tram tunnel that links the old Hestia Chambers to the main square, accessible by elevator.

Arcadia is the forest and agricultural district, containing the vast majority of the only trees in Rapture, as well as Rapture's cemetary. While the location hosts a few recreational cabins for the especially wealthy, it's primary purpose is that of Rapture's chief manufacturer of produce and consumable goods such as cereals and vegetables. It's a spectacular vacation spot - assuming one can afford the tickets. The Rapture Metro station opens into the beautiful Rolling Hills, which boasts a gorgeous, verdurous landscape reminiscent of an idyllic woodland. Beyond the Hills is the Tea Garden. Even for Arcadia, the Tea Garden is widely regarded as the most beautiful and tranquil places in all of Rapture, full of waterfalls and arched bridges and peacefully dim lighting. The Arcadia Glens serve as the central hub of the area, a winding foyer from which the customer can access any of Arcadia's areas, including the Waterfall Grotto with its water wheels and stunning courtyard. And of course, one can't forget the glorious Tree Farm, situated right at Arcadia's entrance from the Farmer's Market, Rapture's most successful marketplace and the source of much of the city's fresh produce. The Main Market hosts an array of meat, cheese, fruits, grains, and vegetables, but the Silverwing Apiary contains a fine allotment of fresh honey, while the Worley Winery is Rapture's chief supplier of distilled alcohol. Julie Langford supervises Arcadia from her research post at Langford Laboratories, under contract with Ryan Industries.

Atlantic Express Depot
Since the bathyspheres became the main method of travel, the Atlantic Express Depot has seen better days and is more or less obsolete and this point, though the trains certainly still work and can be taken to get about the city. The depot houses a number of old workshops, a drafting area, and a cafeteria, but that’s the extent of it. Several airlocks link to deep sea access, but those are largely restricted to maintenance workers.

Dionysus Park
For the artist that flees the censor, Sofia Lamb hosts her private Dionysus Park for the artisans and creators to present their work to the public free of charge. It boasts an extensive gallery - Imago Fine Arts, the J. Fischer Gallery, and Cohen’s Collection - as well as Triton Cinema and a Promenade for dining and socializing, with the Cinema being the tallest building in the entire Park. The Train Station opens to the Gallery Entrance, The overarching Chase serves as an adjoining atrium, hosts a massive Carousel for any visiting children, and links to the Lamb’s Garden, an area full of tables for food and wine tasting. The Garden itself almost rivals Arcadia in natural beauty.

Fontaine Futuristics
When Fontaine first began manufacturing plasmids and the extent of genetic research, Fontaine Futuristics was his center of activity. Since the company was seized by Ryan Industries and absorbed by the larger conglomerate, the building was closed down, many of its assets condemned, and all activity was moved to the Ryan Industries labs at Point Prometheus. A disused train station still connects it to the rest of the city, but it boasts very little in terms of pastimes. It's probable that anyone who dares stray near may be spotted and reported as a sympathizer of Fontaine, and such parasites are not to be tolerated.

Fort Frolic
Run by artistic genius Sander Cohen, Fort Frolic has the finest entertainment available to the Rapture masses. The fine arts abound here: music, dancing, theater, sculpting, film, as well as outlets for strip clubs, casinos, and gambling. It boasts a vast, double-tiered atrium, the hub of Fort Frolic, and resplendent entrance hall linking to the Rapture Metro Station. The atrium's lower level contains The Seahorse, one of Rapture's more popular strip clubs, but the upper level is where the true artistic pursuits can be found. Fleet Hall is the Fort's crown jewel, but Cohen's Collection lies not far off if you're in the mood to peruse or purchase any creations of Rapture's most brilliant artist. The Southern Mall, equipped with a Cocktail Lounge for any visitors engaging in late night pursuits, is where some of Rapture's most prestigious storefronts can be found. From there, visitors are free to peruse high-end shops such as Sophia Salon High Fashion, Le Marquis D'Epoque, and Gardner Delux Modern. But Poseidon Plaza is by far the main draw of Fort Frolic's area. Within, Sir Prize and Pharoah's Fortune Casino contribute to the Plaza's reputation as the gambler's haven. If you still have money to spare after succumbing to those attractions, Sinclair Spirits practically bleeds fine liquers, Robertson's Tabaccoria even finer cigarettes, and Eve's Garden the finest of Fort Frolic's strip-dancers. Casinos, record companies such as Rapture Records, fine bars, and exotic dancing venues are all open to those with good taste, providing you can pay.

The great beating heart of Rapture designed by Andrew Ryan himself, Hephaestus houses the power and maintenance areas as well as the office of Mr. Ryan. Civilians won’t have much business here unless they’re part of the work crews that regularly maintain the geothermal core and heat loss monitoring stations, or have access to one of Hephaestus’s workshops. The Rapture Metro Station leads directly to Central Control, and from there to Geothermal Core Access. Directly beside the Core, Geothermal Control redirects the flow of heat away from the vents. Heat Loss Monitoring manages the heat transfer of geothermal fluid, accessible not far from the Core.

The Lighthouse
In all likelihood the first thing the new arrival sees. The sole surface landmark rears out from the waves of the North Atlantic. The stairs lead straight from the water to the Lighthouse's interior, which bears little aside from the golden statue of Rapture's creator, Andrew Ryan, and a red banner proclaiming his founding policy: NO GODS OR KINGS. ONLY MAN. Take the stairs down further, and the arrival will encounter the bathysphere, which obligingly transports them down to the Welcome Center. Very few will ever have the opportunity to venture to the surface again, except in death.

Mason’s Quarter
The artisan’s and architect’s district is home to art galleries and presentations as well as its own thriving nexus of shopping centers and hotels. The buildings are among the most unique and breathtaking in the entire city, just as much a demonstration of architectural skill and artistic bent as they are utilitarian. The multi-tiered Little Eden Plaza towers over the Pearl Hotel, one of the most high end hotels in all of Rapture. Little Eden itself serves primarily as a shopping center, though the multipurpose Mermaid Lounge, bar and restaurant and gambling room, is certainly the most popular venue. Not far from the Lounge, the Plaza connects to the Dionysus Park entrance. Plaza Hedone is the Quarter's residential apartment area, though it also contains a few shops for the convenience of its tenants. One of the Little Sister Orphanages is housed here as well.

Medical Pavilion
Anyone who’s injured or sick is welcome to visit the Medical Pavilion for a wide variety of treatments available. The foyer is the reception area where customers can check in and out and make appointments if necessary. Just off from it is the Emergency Access, though it's doubtful that such a thing will become necessary in such a cultured and elite society. From the foyer, the area divides into several different options for treatment and care. There are funeral services (courtesy of Twilight Fields Funeral Homes and the Eternal Flame Crematorium), dental services downstairs (courtesy of Kure-All, Dandy Dental, Painless Dental, and Chomper Dental), and surgical services just down one of Rapture's clear glass halls (courtesy of Surgical Savings and Aesthetic Ideals). Past the surgery area is another lounge that serves as a waiting room. With ADAM being the medical miracles it is, these days surgery is less of a necessity and more of a fashion statement, plastic surgery being by far the most lucrative market as a means to combat ADAM's side effects of physical deformities.

"Darling, you really MUST go see Steinman...everyone goes to Steinman!"
- Marianne Dellahunt, Resident, Mercury Suites

Neptune’s Bounty
Also known as Port Neptune, this is the primary port and fishing district in Rapture. Neptune’s Bounty contains an expansive, three-level wharf for the purposes of delivering fish. The Rapture Metro Station connects to the Lower Wharf, the primary sub docking area and center of Fontaine Fisheries' primary operations. The Upper Wharf, conversely, is the location of the Jet Postal substation and the popular Fighting McDonagh's tavern. At the wharf's highest level is the Wharfmaster's Office, run by Ryan's Security Chief Sullivan. While Neptune's Bounty is rumored to have become something of a smuggler's haven, Sullivan runs a tight ship, and those caught with contraband are severely punished.

Olympus Heights
Despite being one of the finer living spaces available to Rapture’s citizens, Olympus Heights is one of the key residential units in the city. Businesses devoted to the upper class are peppered throughout the district, such as the Adonis Luxury Resort and the popular Central Square Bistro tavern. A bulkhead on the east side of the area connects Olympus Heights to Apollo Square, while tram lines link from the tavern to the Mercury Suites and Athena’s Glory residential areas. The rent for either building is notably high - but then, so is the standard of living. The sewer area beneath Olympus Heights is said to be abnormally spacious, but most of the entrances to Olympus Heights' underground have since been sealed off to dispel those rumors.

Pauper’s Drop
Not one of Rapture’s classier streets, Pauper’s Drop houses most of the working and lower-class laborers of Rapture as well as anyone who happens to be down on their luck. Tenements and businesses have been erected regardless, granting the former train junction a thriving economy. The Town Square serves as a downtown area for hotels and shops, while Skid Row serves as a rather disreputable barter hub. The Luxury Rooms hotel charges by the hour for any visitors looking for a brief spot of pleasure. For cheaper, more affordable items, the heavily secure King Pawn secondhand shop is the customer's best chance. Local attractions in Pauper's Drop include the Fishbowl Diner for quality food service and the Limbo Room for singing and entertainment. Any budding enterprises can be established out of the Hamilton, which offers low-rent office spaces for businesses, and Sinclair Deluxe serves as low-rent, affordable hotel housing.

Persephone Correctional Facility
Those who have become a threat to Rapture’s ideals will find themselves taken to the Persephone Correctional Facility, a vast cavern in the bedrock full of cell blocks and warden offices, run by none other than Augustus Sinclair. Any news of what happens to the inmates is kept carefully stifled - but certainly they’re fine and well-treated, and not subject to plasmid experimentation of any kind. Right?

Point Prometheus
Point Prometheus doubles as the tallest skyscraper in Rapture as well as its center for genetic research. What goes on at Point Prometheus is certainly not a secret from its citizens, as the Little Sisters and Big Daddies are fundamental components to Rapture’s genetic economy. Point Prometheus houses the Failsafe Armored Escorts facility for the manufacturing of Big Daddies, the Little Wonders Education Facility for the training and production of Little Sisters, the Mendel Memorial Research Hospital for consolidating genetic research, and the Optimized Eugenics laboratories for the testing and development of new plasmids. The Rapture Metro Station opens directly into the area's two-tiered atrium, which connects to many of the separate labs. Few citizens come here freely; the only ones who should be accessing this knowledge are the scientists and geneticists qualified to handle it.
Rapture Welcome Center
The Welcome Center is where most new arrivals will show up after traveling by bathysphere from the Lighthouse. The station opens into an adjoining resplendent lounge area. A tunnel takes the arrivals from the lounge to a larger atrium that serves as a public waiting room, with elevators that can take the arrival from ground level to the upper level, which contains public businesses such as Kashmir Restaurant and Footlight Theater. Footlight's bottom floor leads directly to a Transit Hub with bulkheads leading to both Neptune's Bounty and the Medical Pavilion.
Ryan Amusements
Rapture’s only educational theme park was built for the children of the city to teach them about the surface and Rapture’s ideals. The train station leads right to the entrance to the Rapture Memorial Museum, which depicts the city’s beginnings while the Hall of the Future is open for the demonstration and selling of plasmids. At the other end of the theme park, the El Dorado Lounge hosts a small bar and café. The Journey to the Surface attraction for children is a fun, engaging way for kids to learn about the surface’s many injustices and horrors, and the Gift Shop lets them take a little piece of Ryan Amusements home with them after their adventure.